Are You Flexible?

The body-mind language of the joints is enabling you to express yourself through movement. They connect to your thoughts and feelings through action. Try moving with stiff knees when you walk and see how it feels in your body. Stiff joints can reflect an inner resistance to being flexible in your thoughts or feelings about yourself or others.

In emotional anatomy, the knees enable you to bend, move, dance, run and stand. The knees are your shock absorbers as you walk, run and dance. Do you experience pain in your knees?

When there is inflammation in the knees it can indicate that you are feeling irritated or angry with someone or about something. If you are feeling frustrated about a movement or change in your life, you may notice it in your knees.

Notice when you are standing up, are your knees locked or flexible? If they are locked you may tend to be rigid in your thinking about yourself. Practice slightly bending your knees one by one when you are standing. Tell your knees you are willing to be flexible with yourself and others. This is body-mind integration! Notice where you are hurting and connect the dots to why that may be the case. Remember to check and see if the issue is on the right (masculine) or left (feminine). Would it be possible to be more flexible in your thinking?

How can you find your balance?

Are you willing to bend to a situation?