Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

Christy, why does my ankle hurt? I was asked this question last night and I thought this would be a great example to teach how the body sends us messages when it’s out of balance. Usually, it takes substantial pain in our physical body to make us stop and listen to what is going on;… continue reading »

Are You Flexible?

The body-mind language of the joints is enabling you to express yourself through movement. They connect to your thoughts and feelings through action. Try moving with stiff knees when you walk and see how it feels in your body. Stiff joints can reflect an inner resistance to being flexible in your thoughts or feelings about… continue reading »

Is There a Pain in Your Butt?

Is there a pain in your butt? The spinal column gives the body support and strength, it is the pillar upon which we rest. It connects the central nervous system, the cerebral spinal fluid, and the central blood supply in the body. It contains every thought, feeling, and response held in our body. In the… continue reading »

Keep Your Head on Straight

Keep your head on straight! The neck allows the head to rest on the body. The neck is a two-way bridge between the body and the mind. This means that emotions such as love, joy, fear, anger, and grief just to name a few find a form of communication through the bridge of the neck…. continue reading »

Mom’s Hands

I can’t even count how many hundreds, maybe thousands of loaves of bread my mother has made in her life. As a child, I would sit at our long wooden kitchen table on the bench attached to the wall and hang out with her while she kneaded a large ball of dough back and forth…. continue reading »