Lower Back Relaxation Massage

Lower Back Emotional Connection: Are you feeling like there is something out of balance in your life? Feeling like there is a lack of support emotionally or physically Feelings of frustration or resentment in your movement forward Feeling like one must bend over backward to please others Fear of not having enough…money, sex, stability Lower… continue reading »


The Digestive System’s BodyMind connection: The colon is the first place in the body to feel tension, so any changes in the reality around us that are difficult to digest will be felt here. Here you absorb everything that is happening to you along with your feelings, sensations, and experiences, and eliminate what you do… continue reading »

Opening and Relaxing the Lungs

Please feel free to have the person lie on their side or face down. Find the top of the scapula bones or shoulder blades. Trace your fingers straight across about two inches from the spine. Using your middle finger begin rotating in small circles 50 x’s. Move directly down from the last point finding the… continue reading »

How to Deal with Head and Neck Pain

Safe Compassionate Touch Self Care for Head Neck and Shoulder 1. In a seated position rotate the head to the left look down (smelling the armpit). The left hand is placed over the top of the head. The right hand is used to stabilize by holding onto the back of the chair. Hold for 5… continue reading »