June 16-22, 2022 • Salt Lake City, Utah

Advanced Psychosomatic Training 7 Day Intensive

The Psychosomatic Process is a BodyMind integration system for profound personal and professional growth.

This Advanced Psychosomatic Training is a 7-Day Intensive experience designed for those who have taken the online portion.

Personal Benefits:

As you learn to systematically translate the subtle energetics of your unique BodyMind, you are invited into a deeper, more intimate, and compassionate relationship with your True Self.

Within your own body, discover untapped resources, intrinsic self-healing mechanisms, and the innate wisdom of your Being.

The Psychosomatic Process equips you with clear vision and effective tools to embody the change you wish to see in the world.

Professional Benefits:

As you transform yourself through the Psychosomatic Process, you simultaneously practice therapeutic applications to empower your clients toward new levels of healing.

In the 7 Day Intensive, you learn to integrate intuition with innovative systems designed to decode the messages of the BodyMind.

As a result, you become more capable to support your clients, family, and community in their conscious evolution toward whole-person health.

Day 1: Encounter and Review

We will start this day by sharing where you are at in your own process and reviewing the Online portion of the Psychosomatic Training.

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Psychosomatic Diseases and Archetypes

Day 2-4: BodyMind Analysis – The Blueprint of the Soul

In day 2, we zoom out from the face to look at the entire body. Here, you learn to systematically assess the quality, shape, and structure of the body’s individual parts and how they relate to a person’s Emotional Anatomy.

Emotional Anatomy equips you with the universal language of the body. Your body is the vessel of your pure energetic consciousness. As such, it is the most accurate indicator of a person’s energetic flow and spiritual alignment.

During days 2-4, you will observe how your own energetic and physical form demonstrates deeply embedded attitudes and behavioral patterning developed throughout your life. This embodied wisdom empowers you to transform the pieces of yourself that ache for expression, attention, and more love.

You will learn to map and build a comprehensive Emotional Anatomy report of every individual body part and its psycho-emotional response.

As you become fluent in the language of the body, you are able to translate its powerful messages, which are always working for our highest good and collective evolution.

  • Discover the energetic blueprint of your body
  • Assess size, texture, tone, density, temperature, and tissue quality of individual body parts as indicators of psycho-emotional and energetic patterns in the BodyMind
  • Detect congestion, deficiency, vitality, or excess energy flow in every chakra center and individual body part
  • Utilize the plumb-line as a BodyMind assessment tool
  • Apply postural alignment and integration techniques
  • Learn to sketch the body and compose a written report for BodyMind Analysis
  • Give and receive Full BodyMind Analysis

Day 5: Emotional Release Touchpoints and Bodywork

This bodywork process opens up the emotionally held energy blocks that are held in the body. Through the specific touchpoints, you will learn how to move stagnant energy and move it through the body, restoring flow and discharging that which is no longer needed.

This deeply embodied experience will bring you back home to your own body and will open up the loving and compassionate heart that lies within you.

Day 6-7: Practical Application

After an entire week of transformative learning, you will be guided through real-world applications of Emotional Anatomy and the Psychosomatic Process.

The last two days are pinnacle integration moments in the Advanced Psychosomatic Training experience.

Members of the outside community are invited to serve as Volunteer BodyMind “models.” Practitioner-trainees are paired with a model to perform a Full BodyMind Intake and Analysis practice session.

  • Practical Application – practice session with BodyMind model
  • Utilize Emotional Anatomy Intake, Assessment, and Communication Skills
  • Provide full Emotional Anatomy report for volunteer-model
  • Practice Emotional Release touchpoints and bodywork

Accommodations not included.

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June 16-22, 2022
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