Starting October 1, 2020 In-Person and Online

Advanced Psychosomatic Training

The Psychosomatic Process is a BodyMind integration system for profound personal and professional growth.

The Advanced Psychosomatic Training is a 10-Day Intensive experience designed for Health and Wellness Practitioners seeking personal development and professional excellence for greater healing impact in the world.

Personal Benefits

As you learn to systematically translate the subtle energetics of your unique BodyMind, you are invited into a deeper, more intimate, and compassionate relationship with your True Self.

Within your own body, discover untapped resources, intrinsic self-healing mechanisms, and the innate wisdom of your Being.

The Psychosomatic Process equips you with clear vision and effective tools to embody the change you wish to see in the world.

Professional Benefits

As you transform yourself through the Psychosomatic Process, you simultaneously practice therapeutic applications to empower your clients toward new levels of healing.

In the 10 Day Intensive, you learn to integrate intuition with innovative systems designed to decode the messages of the BodyMind.

As a result, you become more capable to support your clients, family, and community in their conscious evolution toward whole-person health.

What you learn

Day 1: Encounter

Emotional Anatomy – Foundations

Day 1 is an introduction. Through the Psyschosomatic Process, you will begin to orient toward a new paradigm of thinking, relating to others, and understanding the power of presence. On this day, you will encounter your infinite creative capacity as a powerfully connected BodyMind.

  • The Psychosomatic Process Framework
  • Universal Energetics of the BodyMind
  • Chakras
  • Masculine & Feminine Dynamics
  • Practical Application Skills – Assessment and Diagnostic Tools

Day 2: Reveal

Face Analysis – The Portrait of Your Life

Understanding the structure of your face reveals your inner architecture. Each unique curve, line, and contour paint the portrait of who you are, the life you’ve lived, and the potential of who you can become.

In relationship with others, face-reading is an invaluable skill. At a glance, understand how a person thinks, expresses themselves, and navigates through life. Day 2 will forever change how you interface with the world.

  • Face Shapes
  • Facial Features
  • Chakra System of the Face
  • Receive your first “Face Split” photograph, which reveals the balance of feminine and masculine energies working through your life
  • Give and Receive Psychosomatic Face Analysis

Day 3-5: Inhabit

BodyMind Analysis – The Blueprint of the Soul

In day 3, we zoom out from the face to look at the entire body. Here, you learn to systematically assess the quality, shape, and structure of the body’s individual parts and how they relate to a person’s Emotional Anatomy.

Emotional Anatomy equips you with the universal language of the body. Your body is the vessel of your pure energetic consciousness. As such, it is the most accurate indicator of a person’s energetic flow and spiritual alignment.

During days 3-5, you will observe how your own energetic and physical form demonstrates deeply embedded attitudes and behavioral patterning developed throughout your life. This embodied wisdom empowers you to transform the pieces of yourself that ache for expression, attention, and more love.

You will learn to map and build a comprehensive Emotional Anatomy report of every individual body part and its psycho-emotional response.

As you become fluent in the language of the body, you are able to translate its powerful messages, which are always working for our highest good and collective evolution.

  • Discover the energetic blueprint of your body
  • Assess size, texture, tone, density, temperature, and tissue quality of individual body parts as indicators of psycho-emotional and energetic patterns in the BodyMind
  • Detect congestion, deficiency, vitality, or excess energy flow in every chakra center and individual body part
  • Utilize the plumb-line as BodyMind assessment tool
  • Apply postural alignment and integration techniques
  • Learn to sketch the body and compose a written report for BodyMind Analyses
  • Give and receive Full BodyMind Analysis

Day 6: Embrace

Language of the Hands

The hands are an extension of the heart.

Our hands equip us with the means to caress and embrace the ones we love. With our hands, we create beautiful art and music. We prepare and serve food to nourish our families. We express passion, anger, excitement, and boundaries.

Our hands represent our capacity to give and receive love.

Day 6 is an intimate exploration of the Language of the Hands. Learn of the infinite healing potential you hold at your very fingertips!

  • Hand Shape and Features
  • Psychosomatics of Gestures – Handshakes and Hugs
  • Give and receive Hand Analysis

Day 7: Align

Language of the Feet

Your feet move you through life. They reflect the basic fundamentals of who you are and how you support yourself. The strength and structure of your foundation determines your standing in the world.

Aligning your feet is the first step toward moving through life with more grace, confidence, and ease. Stand firm in who you are, unshakeable in the wisdom that you have everything you need to support yourself and create an extraordinary life.

On Day 7, you are invited to re-connect with your roots:

  • Foot Point
  • Psychosomatics of Movement – Standing and Walking
  • Give and receive Foot Analysis

Day 8: Empower

Emotional Anatomy – Practical Application

After an entire week of transformative learning, you will be guided through real-world applications of Emotional Anatomy and the Psychosomatic Process.

On day 8, you will gain a new and radical perspective of the energetics of pain, mental and emotional imbalances, chronic disorders, and degenerative diseases in the BodyMind.

With this more holistic understanding, you become capable to truly empower yourself and the people around you toward real and permanent resolution, healing, and well-being in all areas of life.

  • Clinical Assessment and Communication Skills for BodyMind Practitioners
  • Psychosomatic Diseases in the BodyMind
  • Psychosomatics of Archetypes
  • Effective Therapeutic Approaches for Common Constitutions and Body-types

Day 9: Integrate

Emotional Anatomy – Practical Application, cont.

Day 9 is a pinnacle integration moment in the Advanced Psychosomatic Training experience.

Members of the outside community are invited to serve as Volunteer BodyMind “models.” Practitioner-trainees are paired with a model to perform a Full BodyMind Intake and Analysis practice-session.

  • Practical Application – practice session with BodyMind model
  • Utilize Emotional Anatomy Intake, Assessment, and Communication Skills
  • Provide full Emotional Anatomy report for volunteer-model

Day 10: Embody

The Psychosomatic Process – How Practitioners become Healers

On the final day of the 10-Day Intensive, you are invited into deep reflection and rest to fully embody all that you have learned and transformed throughout your experience.

  • Receive final Face Split to reflect on your profound transformation in only 10 days.
  • Receive personalized CranioSacral therapeutic treatment for deep integration, rejuvenation, and embodiment.


My education in Emotional Anatomy and Body Analysis has been very useful in my work as a social worker/psychotherapist. Face Reading is a very useful tool when communicating with my clients because I can tell by looking at their facial shape and features whether they tend to be a more mental, emotional or physical person; and then I adjust my message according to my observations. For example, someone with large round eyes may have an easier time identifying and expressing their emotions than a person with smaller slightly inset eyes, therefore I may ask more feeling focused questions to the client with slightly smaller eyes. Body Analysis is very useful when used as a tool for mind-body bridging and in combination with mindfulness. When conducting a grounding meditation or body scan I ask my client to identify what they are feeling in areas of their body and then we match the physical sensations to a chakra or energy zone. For example, a client may notice they have tension in their neck and I may offer information about the throat chakra and ask if they have feelings or thoughts they would like to express. Finally, the body analysis is most useful to me as a psychotherapist because I am able to interpret many things about how my client may be feeling based on my observation of their posture or stance.

Tara, CSW

I am a mother of five beautiful children, married for 21 years, and a registered nurse for 19 years. In 2017 I was top of my career. I had come to the realization that I likely would be a floor nurse forever because I would interview trying to achieve promotions and never was promoted. My son, at thirteen years of age, was diagnosed with brain-cancer. My relationships were falling apart. My life motto was “I am who I am and if people wanted to be in my life, they would just accept me’. I wasn’t raised with self-awareness, nor did I have any idea how the things I said or did impacted others and my relationships. Stress management was not something I ever thought about, as I was unaware that I was so tightly wound I was ready to snap. I was going fast as possible, to get as much done as possible and that was clearly evident to everyone but me.

My sister had just completed Christy’s class. I was in a spot with my sons’ treatment where I didn’t know if he would live. Both my sister and Christy shared with me a few things about energy and breathwork that had a huge impact on my sons healing journey. I knew I needed to do this course, but I was financially strained, incredibly busy, full time plus employed, and a mother with a medically fragile child. The thought of taking time off work for self-development was ridiculous.

I followed my gut feeling that I needed to move forward regardless of the time and expense. I signed up and attended Christy’s level 1-2 classes. The results were life changing. Having a non-biased expert looking at my body language, my habits, the way I talked and the things I was wearing was intimidating but incredible. I was able to find out why I was the way I was, what my body was saying about my mental state. I was given real time feedback on what I could change and how. How I was coming across to others was not accurate and the transformation of that was one of the hardest spots to hold.

Even though internal evaluation was so tough, I felt supported the entire time. I had the opportunity-to heal many things from my childhood that were affecting me as an adult that I wasn’t even aware of prior to the class. I was able to mend relationships that I thought could never be mended. When I realized the things about me my body was clearly speaking, I had the opportunity to change them. As I worked through the process, being conscious of my body/mind connection and consciously begin living in my body vs in my mind, my whole life started to shift. Relationships started to shift. Work promotion, after work promotion fell into my hands and I am now looking into opportunities that I never imagined that I could achieve. I am so grateful to Christy and her program. The ability to step into the person I want to be has truly been a gift and life changing experience.

AnnJanette Jenson

Healer, Heal Thyself.

Equip yourself with the tools of Integrative BodyMind Medicine. Become more capable to support profound transformation in the bodies, hearts, and lives of others.

This planet and the people on it are aching for more connection. It’s time to begin.

Start where it matters most – with you.

Join me for the Advanced Psychosomatic Practitioner Training.