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Emotional Anatomy 101: 2 Day Intensive

Emotional Anatomy is a BodyMind integration system for profound personal and professional growth.

This sophisticated, yet practical diagnostic and healing tool not only sets you apart professionally; it transforms every area of your life.

Emotional Anatomy 101 is a 2-Day Intensive Training designed for Health and Wellness Practitioners who are seeking to up-level their personal awareness and professional practice.

Personal Benefits

As you learn to systematically translate the subtle energetics of your unique BodyMind, you are invited into a deeper, more intimate, and compassionate relationship with your True Self. This clarity empowers you to deliberately align with the highest vision you hold for your health, relationships, career, and life.

Professional Benefits

As you transform yourself through Emotional Anatomy, you simultaneously practice therapeutic applications and skills to empower your clients toward new levels of healing. You gain new eyes and ears to truly witness the people in your life. As a result, you become more capable to support them in their conscious evolution toward health and wholeness.

What you learn:

Day 1: Body

Learn to decode the energetics of posture, gestures, body-shape and features, and diseases in the complex BodyMind. Day 1 includes:

  • Masculine and Feminine Dynamics
  • The Chakra System
    • Psycho-Spiritual Correlations of the seven primary Energy Centers
    • Psychosomatic Diseases in the Chakras
  • Understanding your Roots – The Feet

Day 2: Face

At a glance, understand how a person thinks, expresses themselves, and navigates through life – it’s written all over their face! Day 2 includes:

  • Face Shape and Features
  • Facial Chakra System


Attending Christy Foster’s Emotional Anatomy 101 Workshop was one of the most important events I’ve ever participated in. I got to meet core issues that had been with me for a very long time, which also show up in the way I hold my body. The intimate setting and safe environment made for a profound experience. Christy is a master at holding space for each and everyone in the workshop. Her guidance helped me to navigate some pretty serious issues, and helped me to find, if not a resolution, the hope of resolution of issues that have been affecting me since childhood. Learning to read the body and face is invaluable in any healing practice! This knowledge now enables me to hold more compassionate space for my clients. If you have a human body, I highly recommend this workshop.

Even Meng, LMT

To call this a “workshop” is an understatement – it is its own restorative experience, and I cannot recommend it enough. Christy is a captivating teacher and knowledgeable in so many areas, especially in the roots and science of her work. It helped me dig where I hadn’t before, and I’m already making small and empowering changes. It involves some hard work, but the rejuvenation is beyond worth it. Thank you for having me, Christy!

Penny K

Healer, Heal Thyself.

Through Emotional Anatomy, become more capable to support profound transformation in the bodies, hearts, and lives of others. Start where it matters most – with you.

Join me for Emotional Anatomy 101!