May 6-7, 2022 • Salt Lake City, Utah

Learn to Read Faces

Face Reading is the art of reading a person’s facial features to reveal information about their personality and provide a picture of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. By exploring habitual emotional expressions, we gain insight into the conditions and experiences which have shaped a person’s view of the world. As you learn to read faces, you will become aware of the vast differences in human behaviour and our individual lens of the world, influencing how we see and interact with others.

Face Reading at its best is an invaluable tool to assist in identifying core issues and developing strategies to assist you (or your clients) in making sustainable life changes.

Face Reading can reveal a lot about a person, such as their:

  • Strengths, challenges and conflicts
  • Childhood impacts and influences, and how history may be negatively impacting on current relationships
  • Habitual emotional expressions revealing attitudes that have shaped your personality
  • How others can perceive you and how you see yourself
  • Limiting beliefs and repeating patterns – others may recognise your skills/gifts which you are yet to discover for yourself

There are many different reasons why a person may read a face, and this motivation will also determine how it is read. The corporate world seeks to identify the team characteristics and who will work well together, or to develop employee skills of negotiation and conflict resolution. On a personal level face reading will assist to identify areas of your life that aren’t working well, relationship breakdowns, or simply for curiosity. In therapy and coaching, unconscious patterns that are creating attitudes or behaviours which are causing major life issues for your client are brought to the forefront for conscious change. Other professions, such as law enforcement look for clues on lies and deceit.

Christy Foster teaches this skill and works with her clients in a variety of ways, to assist them in understanding their inherent strengths, challenges and conflicts and how this may play out in relationships at home and at work. With this awareness comes tools and the opportunity for change. Face Reading is an introduction to the more in-depth Psychosomatic Training which Christy teaches for personal and professional development.

Level 1

  • Discover the Chakras
  • The Body in the Face
  • Left/ Right Side Balance
  • Face Shapes and Zones
  • Hair, Hairline and Eyebrows
  • Eyes, Nose, Lips and Mouth
  • Chin, Cheeks and Jaw
  • Ears
  • Connecting the Features
  • Personality Profiling
  • Strengths, Challenges and Conflicts
  • Your Individual Face Analysis

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May 6-7, 2022
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