Face to Face Psychosomatic Training

  • $5,500
  • 10 Day Face to Face course
  • Followed by 2 supervised Clinic Days
  • Modules 1-11
  • Statement of Attendance

For personal or professional development

Training Days and 12-month mentoring program included.

Psychosomatic Therapy Training Certificate

  • $6,500
  • Face to Face training
  • Modules 1-11
  • Statement of Attendance

For those wanting to become Psychosomatic Therapists or Psychosomatic Analysts.

Case studies, presentations, reflective learning, assignments and assessments are required to be completed within a 6-12 month period along with two additional online units to successfully complete the pathway toward the Nat 10821 Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy.

12-month mentoring program included.