Keep Your Head on Straight

Keep your head on straight!

The neck allows the head to rest on the body. The neck is a two-way bridge between the body and the mind. This means that emotions such as love, joy, fear, anger, and grief just to name a few find a form of communication through the bridge of the neck.

Our feelings, thoughts, and ideas can be manifested into action through the neck. When we swallow our emotions, ideas or truth there can be a body-mind split, which will eventually build up and cause pain.

If you believe that expressing emotions is bad or wrong in some way or there is a fear of consequences about expressing them, then this can cause stiffness in the neck.

If you tend to have a stiff neck ask yourself if you are being ‘stiff necked’ in your point of view. Are you willing to see all sides of a situation? Are you being narrow-minded? Can you bend a little?

Take a few moments to notice your neck. Get a sense of how it feels, how long or short, wide or narrow it is. Take a look in a mirror and noticed if your head is off to the right or the left. Are your shoulders pulled up into your neck?

A head that is tilted to the left which is female energy can be introspective by nature. If this is the posture your neck is holding it may feel overwhelming to take action and participate fully in life.

A head that is tilted to the right which is male energy can be someone who is said to be in their head a lot. This posture may also be a sign that it is difficult to listen to and act on your intuition.

Does your neck come forward in front of your body?

If your head is in front of your body and the neck is pushed forward you may be the type of person who will stick their neck out for other people. This posture represents someone who is busy ‘helping’ to the point that they can neglect themselves.

Practice noticing how your head is sitting on your body. If it is forward, touch your chin and push it back so there is less strain on the back of your neck. If it tends to go to one side or the other pull it back to the center for more balance.

Self Care for head and neck pain

In a seated position rotate the head to the left look down (smelling the armpit).

The left hand is placed over the top of the head to give a gentle stretch. The right hand is used to stabilize holding onto the back of the chair.

Hold the stretch for 5 seconds while you take a deep breath, repeat 3 times, stretching a little more with each out-breath.

Repeat on the opposite side of the neck.

Next, tilt the head to the left bringing your ear towards the shoulder.

The left hand is placed over the top of the head to gently stabilize the head. Drop the right shoulder down while breathing in and stretching a little more on each out-breath.

Repeat on the opposite side of the neck.