Tara, CSW

My education in Emotional Anatomy and Body Analysis has been very useful in my work as a social worker/psychotherapist. Face Reading is a very useful tool when communicating with my clients because I can tell by looking at their facial shape and features whether they tend to be a more mental, emotional or physical person; and then I adjust my message according to my observations. For example, someone with large round eyes may have an easier time identifying and expressing their emotions than a person with smaller slightly inset eyes, therefore I may ask more feeling focused questions to the client with slightly smaller eyes. Body Analysis is very useful when used as a tool for mind-body bridging and in combination with mindfulness. When conducting a grounding meditation or body scan I ask my client to identify what they are feeling in areas of their body and then we match the physical sensations to a chakra or energy zone. For example, a client may notice they have tension in their neck and I may offer information about the throat chakra and ask if they have feelings or thoughts they would like to express. Finally, the body analysis is most useful to me as a psychotherapist because I am able to interpret many things about how my client may be feeling based on my observation of their posture or stance.