The Child Archetype

Is you Child running the show?

I just spent the weekend finishing up a year-long program called Family Constellations – Systemic Solutions with Jan Hull. In this program, I have learned so much about perception. I am one of 13 children and each one of us has had a different experience in our childhood.

Each experience is valid and true for that child. You cannot compare one experience to another because each one matters!

I want to explain what the Survival Child Archetype is and how to identify when you step into the Shadow of the child.

The experience of our inner child gives us our perceptions of life. For example, safety, nurturing and family tribal systems are different for every child. There are many aspects of the child. Identifying the language of your inner child is so helpful on the journey of healing.

A child can feel powerless at times, a child might feel like they need permission to act, or feel like they need permission to live their life the way they want to. A child may be too afraid to take action and act like an adult, like setting boundaries.

When we get upset about something or think life isn’t fair we usually default to the language of our child. As an adult, we might feel like we have no power and it isn’t our fault. Blaming, un-met dreams and manipulation are all aspects of child behavior.

How do we change this pattern of living our lives from the eyes of our Child Archetype?

We first must notice the language we are speaking in our heads. If the adult in us can become aware and shift the language from child to adult we will be more able to move forward.

Is your child running the show?

On the path of emotional healing, this can look many different ways. You may notice you need a resource for your inner child to feel support. A resource could be therapy, EFT Marti Murphy , meditation, movement, breathing exercises, psychosomatic therapy, family constellations, trauma work, just to name a few.

Please understand, I am not telling you this is easy work! Take one step at a time to notice your Survival Archetype of the child.

What is your child saying? Use this as an ally and not an enemy.