Lower Back Relaxation Massage

Lower Back Emotional Connection:

  • Are you feeling like there is something out of balance in your life?
  • Feeling like there is a lack of support emotionally or physically
  • Feelings of frustration or resentment in your movement forward
  • Feeling like one must bend over backward to please others
  • Fear of not having enough…money, sex, stability

Lower Back Massage:

Take some deep breaths yourself and slow down before you touch anyone. Have your person take some deep breaths before you begin.

“Gun” or rolling: Apply some oil (medicated) to the low back and rapidly “roll” the hand back and forth while working the tissue. Work up all the way to the shoulders. Pressure should be deep enough to affect the skin and muscle tissue beneath. The speed of the “rolling” should create friction and warm the skin.

“Mo” or Kneading: Use the thumbs to knead the tissue around the sacrum and lumbar area. Use enough pressure to work the deeper muscles, but do not cause additional pain for the person. Be sensitive. Kneading with the forearm on the buttocks will further relieve the tension and help open the meridians and reduce the pain.

Plucking: After the tissue has softened with the rolling and kneading, work the areas of heavy muscle tissue by plucking. Begin in the lumbar area and pluck the tissue with the thumb as you move up the back with your hand. Repeat all over the back 3-5x’s.

Stroking: After completing all of the massage manipulations, gently and firmly stroke the back. Maintain constant gentle even pressure. Repeat 3-5x’s.

Pulling Apart Stretch: Cross your hands then create some traction in opposite directions to stretch the muscle tissue you have just worked. Apply the stretch on one side of the body first, then do the other side Please stay off the spine.

Sacral Push: Standing at the head of the person, place hands-on the sacrum and ilium and gently lean into a push and hold for a few seconds. Do not push down hard, this is a very gentle stretch. It is best to use a towel under your hands to prevent slipping on the back.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We do not diagnose or treat any physical or emotional condition. Seek the advice of your physician before beginning this or any other health program. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. You should consult with a physician where appropriate.