Trust Your Gut!!

That sticks in my Craw!!

I have a ‘Gut Feeling’ about that.

Your body talks, listen to it!

The stomach is the largest part of the digestive system. Do you ever notice you have acid breath during the day? Do you ever experience pain underneath your left ribs? Acid Reflux, need I say more about this one? Do you have pain between your shoulder blades? Are you unable to wear clothes or belts that are tight around the waist? People experiencing these characteristics are defined as Stomach People.

Stomach People are those who tend to worry about how they appear to others. They will have many projects at one time and want to do them all perfectly.

Stress has a very heavy impact on stomach people. These people are extremely action-oriented by nature. This organ is masculine, which means it needs to be productive. They tend to never be satisfied with what they have already achieved. They usually live in the future which keeps them from slowing down and resting or being creative. There can be issues of this one becoming a workaholic very easily. Feeling misunderstood is such a big piece for people who are struggling with stomach pain. This can create some aggression in some people which in turn stimulates cortisol levels, which increases acidity in the stomach.

Explosive anger affects the stomach and so does repressed anger. There may be a tightness in the stomach or a burning sensation when you are activated with anger. The stomach is in the 3rd Chakra and it represents our self in relation to others in our lives. It is connected with our need for success and recognition.

When something goes wrong in our body we seem surprised, there is usually a logical explanation. Dysfunction is the body’s way of expressing stress or tensions we are holding.

Take care of your stomach! Stop smoking, it can be very toxic for digestion. Get some manual therapy such as Visceral Manipulation. Exercise. Avoid cold drinks it can block the stomach and create spasms. Chew your food well to break down the food making it easer to digest.

Think of your body as a car. You wake up and go outside to start your car and nothing happens. You get angry, kick the tires and still nothing. Maybe you forgot to get it checked when you heard those funny noises in the last few months. Neglect of the warning signs is now showing up as a car that won’t run.

Stomach People need support and love from themselves and from others. Take time to care for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for support.

Take a few minutes today and check in with your own body. How you do this is by taking a few deep breaths and notice how your body feels. Maybe you need a foot rub or a good massage, some yoga or meditation so your body continues to run at an optimal level.