Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

Christy, why does my ankle hurt?

I was asked this question last night and I thought this would be a great example to teach how the body sends us messages when it’s out of balance.

Usually, it takes substantial pain in our physical body to make us stop and listen to what is going on; the keyword being STOP. It is easy for us to fall into the trap of always being on the move and moving so fast that we can’t or don’t stop and feel what is going on within ourselves.

Pain in the ankle can indicate an unconscious desire to change directions in some part of your life. The ankles are the bridge of support between the body and the feet. They provide stability, balance and energy flow from the feet to the rest of the body. If energy is not flowing smoothly into the ground it may get built up here and cause a physical issue.

Just like any system that requires energy to flow from the positive to the negative, if the connection is interrupted the system cannot function as designed. For example, if the battery of your car is not connected to both the positive and negative cables it will not start, the lights will not work and you may not even be able to unlock the doors without using the physical car key. It’s no coincidence that in all electrical systems the negative terminals are called the ‘ground’ terminals and are always connected together.

The ankles are a key component to keeping us connected and ‘grounded’. Pain in the ankles indicates a disruption in our flow of energy connecting us to the ground and must be corrected.

Keeping your balance between meeting your own needs and healthy concern for others is the question to ask yourself if you are having ankle issues.

The right ankle represents the Masculine energy flow in the body. If you are experiencing right ankle pain the question to ask is are you doing too much for everyone around you and worried you aren’t doing it right at the same time? Are you allowing yourself to be flexible with the demands you have placed before you?

The left ankle represents the Feminine energy in the body or your inner world. Are you able to know what your own inner needs are and how you can meet them? Do you feel like you are the last person on the list of things to do?

The body is our best indicator of the delicate balance of the BodyMind. When any part of our body ‘system’ is out of alignment the entire system has to compensate for the imbalance. This message is sent to us most often as pain in that part of the body like the ankles for example.

The body is continuously communicating with you, take the time to listen.